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Other Lives

May 25, 2016, 7 Comments

Since I started to make a list yesterday, let do another one today. This time, let’s talk about our “other jobs” in our “other lives,” hahaha! Since we got only one life to live, what would be the other jobs you could have gotten into if you aren’t in the

Mrs. Bo, Passions, Travel & Adventure

Travel and Adventure Bucketlist

May 24, 2016, 8 Comments

Let this week be for daydreaming! Do the Annapurna Circuit Because I love to trek, hike, altitude AND the diversity of villages. This circuit kinda marries all that for me. (Image from here.) Visit Capadoccia Because those fairy chimneys and houses were calling out to me

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Moment’s Purpose

May 18, 2016, 13 Comments

Last week was about celebrating my 10th year as a Christian. I didn’t expect so many people to be greeting me and celebrating with me, so I just want to say thank you to all who took the time to leave a word of encouragement

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A Decade of Devotion (Part 2)

May 13, 2016, 19 Comments

Here is part two of my spiritual birthday post which you can read by clicking this: Decade of Devotion 6. My Kingdom and My Righteousness When I graduated from college I didn’t know what I would do. I thought of going back to acting as