100% Whole Mom Launch: Media Kit

Saturday, July 4, 2015

It takes a village to raise a child and because 100% is like a baby to me let me thank the God-send, God-appointed village we closely worked with for the launch and coming up of the press materials to support this project.


In this photo we have our branding and design person Rhiza Oyos, also responsible for our Passion cards, Oomph Styling women: Mads, Christine, and Beam; Jamie who took all of our photographs and Marj Liwag who was responsible for all the beautifully handwritten labels of our invites, painting, drawings, etcetera on the day of the event. Too bad we didn’t have Teena Barretto and her teamTusha and Nissa, in this photograph- Teena was the coordinator of my wedding, Philip’s bday and this launch; grateful for Teena and her staff who saw us through the beginning until the end of this project!

We are grateful to you guys, not only because you agreed to take on this crazy project with us but mostly because you exerted efforts that were worth millions. God knows we don’t have that budget yet (we are hoping to be rich enough someday, don’t worry), and yet it felt like we paid you so much with what you have shown. We really are so blessed. You truly are a blessing for the verse says, God’s blessing comes with no trouble added to it (Prov 10:22)!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!!suppliers and team handles


Earth Kitchen//My August Flowers//Cuki Confections//Kitchens Best//The Greenhouse Project//Habil Crafts

Teena Barretto Events//Oomph Styling//Cinema Works//Jamie Espadilla//Marj Liwag//Rhiza Oyos//Print Cafe

We are also grateful to Blue Hive for our sound system and lighting on that day, our welcome cookies which were personalized by Cuki Confections, our Got Heart bags with rice and sugar, as well as Print Cafe for all the printed materials- from our invitation down to passion cards and Whole Mom tags!

This video is by Cinema Works Wedding Art Films, our makeup done by Kaycee Lim Santos and Cheka’s by Raymond Ko. Our out of the day was provided by F&F, and Rich Earth gave us three complimenting neckpieces. Click this for more details: WMPH Video.



Now here is the rest of our product sponsors, with a list of their networking handles. sponsors handles

To follow us, here is our business card:whole mom business card

You may also follow us on youtube. Just look for WHOLE MOM YT.

Got Heart?

Friday, July 3, 2015

One of our dear partners for the 100% Whole Mom Launch was Earth Kitchen. We held our launch in their perfectly sunlit upper room in White Plains, while all the rest of their regular clients dined downstairs at the main hall.

There, they also had shelves of products which were filled with Got Heart goodies, a brand which is more than just one that sells the ordinary organic and local products. I write about this today to return the help they’ve outpoured on our partnership, but more importantly because this is a vision I believe for our Pinoy farmers and laborers.

got heart

These were bags form Got Heart, filled with organic rice and sugar which we gave away to the moms at the launch.In numbers, Got Heart is already able to help 3000 families, is partnering with 200 communities, and they’ve been making this amazing difference in the nation for the last 8 years!!!

What is Got Heart?

Got Heart Foundation was officially registered in 2007 as a non-stock, non-profit organization, with the objective of providing better opportunities to marginalized communities by helping them develop sustainable livelihood programs. It serves as a platform where grassroots enterprises can grow, advance, and innovate for a long-term success.”

“Most poverty-stricken communities in the country heavily rely on agriculture as their main source of income. However, it is also one of the most neglected sectors. Our farmers remain poor because of several factors such as getting insufficient support, lagging behind technological developments, and dealing with intermediaries. Got Heart started to work with local farmers and introduce organic farming technology. In the long run, it has proven to be the better choice – more produce with lesser inputs. Currently, Got Heart supports a number of farms in Tarlac, Batangas, and Benguet.

Where and how does Got Heart manifest its efforts?

Through shops. “The Got Heart Shop was established to be a one-stop shop for all-natural, organic, and local food and non-food products. It primarily aims to support its community partners in fairly selling their products by eliminating middlemen while creating a following of consumers who consciously are more willing to spend on socially responsible products that promise quality at the same time.”

“As of 2015, Got Heart Shops have three branches already: 2 in Quezon City and 1 in Davao.”

Their products include edibles like: mountain rice, fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, meat, salt, honey, muscovado sugar, cacao, eggs, coffee. Then also there are the non-edibles: kitchen wares, jewellery/accessories, bags, beauty products; as well as, potted herbs and ornamental plants, vertical gardening kits.

How does Earth Kitchen figure in all of Got Heart’s efforts?

“In 2013, Got Heart partnered with Hizon’s Catering, Chef David Hizon, Chef JR Trani, and formed Earth Kitchen to support local farmers and indigenous communities by buying their organic, fresh, and locally-grown produce. Most of the dishes served are made from scratch: pasta, ice cream, tortilla, risotto, soups, etc. to be able to source more natural ingredients from its local partners.”

Got Heart has other projects and we heard that anyone willing is free to support the foundation in their other projects. What are these projects?

  • HeART Therapy. “Got Heart wanted to do more than donate to those affected by Typhoon Yolanda in Visayas, particularly in Leyte. Got Heart acknowledges the therapeutic power of art. With its artist friends, Got Heart conducted heART Therapy Workshops with several elementary schools around the area. The finished works are now displayed at Earth Kitchen and can be purchased for P500-P800, with all the proceeds going to the affected children in the region.”
  • Scholarship Program. “Since Got Heart was established, it has been supporting less-privileged and out-of-school youth, mostly those children of the farmers working for the Got Heart shops.” I guess buying their products and eating at Earth kitchen is a great way to support them, don’t you think?

Then there is also financial support and product donation. “Got Heart Foundation has a number of initiatives with the different communities across the Philippines. You may provide financial assistance to help it run its current programs. Donations in kind are also very much welcome.”

If young and interested to make good use of your time, Got Heart Foundation also encourages the spirit of volunteerism from students and young professionals. “Your skills and talents will definitely make a difference. It also provides you a valuable way to connect with grassroots communities.”

This is an amazing endeavor that will soon be a decade of making better lives out of our Pinoy laborers. Thanks to Got Heart for taking that bold step forward and I encourage my readers to help in whatever way they can! To do that, just visit their website (www.gotheartfoundation.org) and click on respective choice of help you want to extend, where you can also read their inspiring and informative articles! :)

Praying God touches your hearts and move you to generosity! Have a great day.

Sofitel+Agoda: Meeting Every Need

Thursday, July 2, 2015

In our recent 100% Whole Mom launch, we had a couple of generous sponsors that I would love to talk about. One of which was the very first prize we had given away to one of our mommy guests, and that is a staycation at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila! This was thrown in by our friends at Agoda, where you can book a stay in this hotel for great prices.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila So Chill


When we started to think of prizes to give on our launch, I really thought that one of the ways by which a mom could recharge and reboot is to have a staycation at the Sofitel Manila. Because I think that this is the nearest thing to feeling like you are somewhere faraway without necessarily being so! This is perfect for a busy mom who needs a breather and a place that will spark inspiration. 

If you haven’t read my post about my Sofitel anniversary stay with the hubs yet, then maybe you can browse through it by clicking this: Sofitel Honeyversary.

They were actually asking us to bring Baby Philip at that time because they really wanted to showcase their new additions to the hotel that make it friendly for every member of the family! However, we also both thought we could use the time to recreate our honeymoon five years ago, where there was not a baby to think about just about yet, hehe.

But definitely, we are taking the boy on our next stay! (Thinking we may need that rest, all three of us, after this long trip we are on in the U.S. Haha! Is it not funny how we sometimes need a vacation from our vacation???) And try all their new features that make it a memorable stay for both kids and their parents. If only a few hours of complete peace as you send them away to any of the following:

  • For young VIPs, a royal treatment awaits princes and princesses with Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila’s Le Petit Prince.
  • Pampered with a rich calendar of activities and treats, young guests may enjoy one (1) hour complimentary access at the La Villas des Enfants kid’s tent, put on their baker’s hats with cooking-making lessons at 1pm on Spiral’s Sunday brunch, complimentary scoop of ice cream at the poolside 1pm daily, and a selection of programs including Arts and Crafts by Kiddy’s Art Town available at a nominal fee.
  • For some fun under the sun, slip and slide in the refreshing turquoise waters of the iconic swimming pool with featured falls and water slides. Even, sign up for swimming lessons available under the tutelage of seasoned water pros.
  • For energetic children, retreat to the outdoor playground complete with slides, swing riders, seesaws, swing sets, climbing wall and spider web.
  • Or make new friends with the active and educational activities under Gymboree with featured programs including BE ME available at a nominal fee.
  • For weekends with a full calendar of activities, engage the hotel’s babysitting services to help with the young ones as they explore and enjoy the extensive offerings.
  • For hearty kiddie appetites, kid-friendly menus are available in all dining outlets.
  • As the day draws to a close, children may choose from a selection of kids’ movies available from the luxurious comforts of your room at a nominal fee.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza La Villas des Enfants

Wow, all the needs of parents who are with their children whether on a vacation, a conference, a visit to Manila, have been thought about and Sofitel seems to be determined to provide services that will help keep the sanity of the dear moms and dads!

Other than these, all the five-star comforts you are expecting from them will be there, for sure. As I have blogged before, I always go for purchases that I can clearly call value for money and that a stay in this hotel is what I consider to be one of those great deals. Truly world class not only because of its fine taste but also for continually developing ways to provide even for the unnoticed needs of every family.

Thanks Sofitel Manila and Agoda. I wouldn’t have agreed to give a staycation away at your hotel to one of our precious moms if I didn’t believe in your values. And how we just can’t wait to go over the whole experience all over again once we are back. Until then, and thanks again!

For more information, inquiries or reservations, please call 63-2 551.5555 or email H6308@sofitel.com. You may also book via Agoda by clicking this link: Agoda+Sofitel

No Cinderella

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I watched the movie twice. That is, watched the first half on our plane ride to Alaska from the Philippines and the second half on my plane ride from LAX to Nashville. Though I was without earphones while finishing the film, it was alright for who doesn’t know Cinderella’s ending, right? The shoe fit only Ella in the entire kingdom and they lived happily ever after.

SWAROVSKI Cinderella glass slipper in real life DECOR-1

Perhaps it helped to not hear the dialogues for some things stood out for me while watching what seemed to be just a montage. Like the fact that hundreds of girls were lining up to try and see if the shoe fits.

While it is understandable that the chance to marry a prince is one you may not want to miss in this lifetime, I also don’t get it why these girls would do it for something that was obviously not for them to fill. I mean, someone left a shoe and that is who the prince is looking for, and these girls knew in their hearts it was no way that it could have been theirs. There was only one Cinderella and she was the only girl the prince was looking for and nobody else. Now why would you wanna line up for that kind of opening? Why would you wanna be Cinderella when you are clearly not her?

But then we see this happen even in this day and age. Lots of women line up for a “chance of a lifetime” even when it asks them to be somebody else and not themselves. I was once a victim of this mentality, as well. In my heart I knew exactly that it wasn’t for me to change my image from wholesome to sultry, but then the demands of the world told me “fit the shoe and wear it; you don’t want to miss this chance!” For some women, it is the pressure of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a professional, from parents and their circles, that makes them fit the shoe that was made for another. For love and romance some ladies tend to completely abandon who they are if it meant keeping the boys of their dreams. Many desires push us to strive for shoes that don’t fit us and sadly, some are willing to even cut their toes if only to make the glass slipper fit.

I remember Yeng Constantino’s prayer during our Ignite Conference for all the students who felt called to the world of arts. She prayed that God would give them courage, to not be afraid about who they are, to not be ashamed of being different, of being “weird,” but have the boldness to shine for Jesus.

Yeng is not exactly Cinderella like- she is no princess in the conventional sense of the word. Yet in being consistent about the way that God has made her she has gained influence and inspired so many people. She rocks these women’s worlds saying that while all other shoes don’t fit, a pair was made just for you. For you and you alone, and you just have to go and pursue it.

Today I pray that as women, may we find the time to really ask God about the shoes He’s made only for us. To not strive for that really distracting pair that has been dangled in front of us, but to be true to the way He has designed us and is calling us to live this life. And to have faith that not only glass slippers are worthy of recognition in the Kingdom, but so do Chucks, Doc Martens, and even flip-flops!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

“This is the best shoot that I’ve ever been to!”


That was my husband exclaiming in all glory how he was just so lucky to be asked to shoot in his PJs, haha!

Mayad Beginnings invited us to their new studio- which is now a dream studio for creatives like us -to do our family shoot. I readily agreed as Philip had just turned one and I wanted to document this stage in his life.


How time flies so fast. When we were doing that shoot, Philip could barely last 3 hours of playfulness, yet today he can could do that and even extend himself up until midnight!


I’ve always been an advocate of documentation. I tell parents “Get the newborn shoot if you can afford it!” Then for every important benchmark, go for another one. Because photographs will really serve us well in our old age, I think. Our minds don’t have much space for too many memories and I think that pictures will help us remember as much as we can. :)

Because shoots can be expensive for some moms I tell them to tap their friends who take good photographs and have nice professional cameras. Barter with your own small business if you have, or even just a day out to watch your photographer friend’s babies while she gets a massage or something, haha. Or if a hobbyist yourself, buy a decent camera and snap away!


But if God provides extra cash flow for a session or even a one year package, I say go for it. I’ve done quite a lot of those shoots and every season that has passed I am always left grateful about doing it. And not even once do I remember regretting all the effort it took to get those shoots done. (It’s not exactly easy to shoot with a baby…a crawler…a sleeper…a cryer…a toddler!)


If you are then thinking about this, we have great news from Mayad Baginnings as they are slashing off P10,000 from their 1 Year Package or First Birthday Party services! More details are on their FB page and you may check them so by clicking this link: Father’s Day to August 15 Promo.

With that said I just wanna thank Mayad Beginnings for that awesome time we had shooting with my family, and Madge Lejano and her team for my hair and makeup. Can’t wait to shoot again with you guys!


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