Flight PB0117: The Video

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ica Rojas from Sunny Studios shot Philip’s first birthday party. Being a part of Jason Magbanua’s team, she was also present during my AVP shoot for my wedding back in 2010 and at the wedding itself in Batangas. I find it really personal that she can shoot from a point of view that has seen me go through these major milestones in my life- in becoming a wife and now a mother. So thanks Ica, for being a part of this very special day for us and for shooting and editing the love you’ve seen my family and friends shower over our little Philip! :)

Philip Bo Takes Flight from Sunny Studios on Vimeo.

To contact them, here is the link to their FB: Sunny Studios on FB

TĀZA at Taal Vista

Monday, February 23, 2015

Something that I cannot wait to try in my favorite Taal Vista Hotel….


Going back to my vegetarian lifestyle, I am sure this would be a treat! Though they serve meats also, I am just personally excited because greens are best when they are organic!

Taal Vista Hotel proudly presents – TĀZA Fresh Table, the hotel’s new restaurant located at The Ridge overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano. The name TĀZA is derived from the Arabic word Taaza which means fresh. The country garden inspired restaurant features a scenic 180° view with glass walls and an open kitchen where guests can have an enjoyable dining experience.

TĀZA Fresh Table offers innovative international cuisine utilizing the best ingredients meticulously sourced from local suppliers. 95% of the ingredients are sourced from regions where they are produced such as duck from Laguna, lobster from Batangas, mangoes from Cebu, coffee beans and black rice from Negros Island and organic herbs and vegetables from Benguet, Cavite, Batangas and the Taal Vista Hotel Garden.

The chefs of TĀZA Fresh Table take great care in preparing dishes with no shortcuts. Guests can expect garden-fresh herbs and vegetables, slow-cooked smoked meats, handmade pasta, and made-from-scratch sauces.

TAZĀ Fresh Table is driven by the passionate commitment to source local and cook global, ensuring consistent high quality cuisine showcasing single-origin and sustainable ingredients on every plate.

TAZA Fresh Table is located at Taal Vista Hotel along Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City 4120 Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 (2) 917-8225, +63 (46) 413-100 or +63 0917 809-1254. Stay connected with Taal Vista Hotel. Visit our website at www.taalvistahotel.com and join us on Facebook (facebook.com/taalvistahotel) and Twitter (@taalvistahotel).

Yan and Yeng Wedding

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Astig. Yun ang masasabi ko sa wedding ni Yan at ni Yeng kung saan ako ay mapalad na naimbitahan.

A few days before Yeng finally walked down the aisle to meet at the end of it the man who has been prepared by God to be by her side for the rest of her life, we had an intimate bridal shower. All of us were asked to give her messages or advice and this was what I told her.

2010, I remember Yeng agreed to sing at my own wedding. I will never forget what she said before rendering a song. Ang sabi niya, “May ganito pa pala. May pag-ibig pa palang ganito… gusto ko din maghintay ng  para sa akin.” She said that in light of my decision, together with Joseph, now my husband, to abstain from any physical intimacy until we were married. We stayed pure and holy before the Lord, honoring Him with our body. Now it is 2015 and si Yeng naman ang ikakasal and I cannot help but marvel at God’s faithfulness to honor her desire to do what is pure and holy before Him. Hindi ba Yeng, may ganito pa nag pala talaga. For every generation, we need a pillar to lean on to, look up to, when the world sways us to believe that there are no more principles and no more benefits to holding off some things and express them only at the right time. Yeng, it is your turn to inspire other people that yes, may ganito pa pala. And I can only pray your children will also inspire their generation to believe that God gives the best to those who wait and obey at his feet. Hindi ito pagmamayabang, kung hindi pagpapasalamat na biniyayaan tayo ng Panginoon ng pagkakataong masabi na may ganito pa pala.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Of all the things that the couple said at their ceremony these are the two things I loved the most.

“Tiwala ako sapagkat ito ay pagibig na ibinibigay sa akin ng Panginoon.” Yan said this right after expressing vows of love for Yeng. He knows he can because God is the provider of the love and not merely his own inadequate self. This guy knows how to love because he was first loved by God- Yan knows and treasures that. How many men do we know today who can only swear by themselves for love? Yan can make vows because he’s got God, who is definitely higher and way above him and all the other men in the world!

“Huwag po kayong magaalala kasi bukod po sa mapagkakatiwalaan si Yan, nasa likod po namin si God. Kasama namin sa God kaya kaya namin ito.” Yeng assured her parents. No doubt Yeng loves Yan and I was actually smitten by how in love she is with him. (Hahahaha, natatawa pa din ako sa tuning naalala ko ang pagkakilig niya kay Yan!!!) But what is more amazing for me is how certain this woman is in knowing that even the love of her life is not enough to make a marriage work- she was certain it took a great God for this to be a blessed marriage. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yan and Yeng, Joe and I bless you and will continue to watch your life together unfold for God’s glory. We are certain you have made the right decision, and only time will show the world how your marriage is meant to be a tremendous blessing to others and of honor to the Lord!

Here is their onsite video, for a longer take on their vows. Get ready and have some kleenex on standby. Video by NicePrint. :)

So Much More: Di Basta Ligo ang Ligo

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This year’s February is special for me as I was chosen by one of my trusted brands, Johnson and Johnson, to be their host for the launch and celebrity influencer of their latest campaign called “So Much More.” 

Celebrity Influencer Rica Bonifacio

I say it is special because as young as I was in my teens, I was already doing projects for Pure Essentials, and have recently been part of more recent campaigns like Signatures of Love and Tanong Ni Mommy. Call me sentimental but I am in awe of how I see my partnership with J&J as having reached full circle as I turn from being Johnson’s Baby to Johnson’s Mommy. (Kung noon ay “Dalaga na siya, hindi na bata,” ngayon naman ay “Nanay na siya, hindi na basta dalaga.”)

There were even old faces that I saw at the event itself that got me nostalgic. And together with them I was glad to make new friends from different age groups, who all work together as one for J&J and all the moms who definitely need partners in raising their babies the best way they can.

I am also glad that J&J is committed to do everything to give moms helpful information and pursue campaigns that raise awareness like this one. They apparently use their resources not only to ensure the safety and efficiency of their products, but they put much into research, as well.

Johnson's Paving the way For a Brighter Future

So Much More campaign is actually one that resulted from a research done in seven other countries and shows that not all parents view bath time as having a rather important role in the development of babies. To be specifically local, “The report revealed that while 96% of parents in the Philippines believe that bath time is so much more than just getting their child clean, 45% do not see that it is extremely important for cognitive development. This could be the reason why the Philippines has the shortest bath time duration for babies—15 minutes vs. the global average of 23 minutes.”

In the event I joked about how this probably is because of how hot it is here and therefore means 15 minutes but three or four times a day! But then I also found myself guilty of once thinking that giving babies a bath just means one thing- get them clean! Yun pala, and I realized this while listening to the experts who were invited to share at the So Much More launch, hindi lang talaga basta ligo ang ligo!

Science of the Sense -- Smell and Touch


“Bath time can be so much more than getting clean. Multisensory stimulation rituals can aid in promoting happy and healthy baby development leading to specific benefits such as increased weight gain and bone mass, reduced stress, crying and better quality and quantity of sleep,” shares Dr. Didoy Castañeda, Asia Pacific Medical & Clinical Affairs Director.

Actually, some of these I already knew beforehand. Kahit wala pang stats or scientific research, I can already see how a bath ritual is key to a baby’s great sleep. When I was just beginning to teach Philip about night and day, a warm bath was one of the most powerful cues to give him, followed by gentle massage and caresses while softly humming tender songs in a dimly lit room. It never ceases to amaze me how it lulls my baby into peaceful slumber!

The Power of Bath Time

When it came to bath time itself, Dr.Joselyn Eusebio said something about children and how their touching leads to cognitive activity as they begin to make sense of what they just felt, which makes it good to prolong bath times so to stimulate the child’s mind to understand different things. Oo nga naman, when they hold something, they begin to think, “This is hot” or “This is cold.” We do not immediately connect it to cognitive development but even a simple sensation that can be experienced with a gush of water can lead a child to better development. Sabi ko nga science begins at home, solid, liquid, and gas were first learned within the confines of our bath and bedrooms, hindi ba?

Aside from the powerful sense of touch, smell comes next in the list of sense that brings about development when stimulated. Here’s a quick test: remember the smell of a balikbayan box? Yung bagong bukas, straight from the plane or cargo ship into your home? Hindi ba it brings memories and certain emotions?

Just the same, “Pleasant smells, particularly, when paired with the loving interactions of a parent, can create positive and lasting memories that children will remember for a lifetime. Fragranced products are known to increase infant engagement, helping mothers bond with their babies, and helping babies stay calm and relaxed for a more prolonged period of time,” adds Mr. Arun Viswanath, Asia Pacific, Science & Technology head at Givaudan Fragrances.

Kaya nga siguro some moms leave a shirt stained with their milk at home with their babies when they have to leave for work, it is because the mother’s smell is a reminder of comfort and security. I, too, have similar associations like chamomile and lavender with bedtime, as well as the scent of coffee for the mornings. This makes me see how the sense of smell is also powerful and in being so, is able to help our babies develop happily and healthily!

I think if I go on and on I will never stop writing all the things that I learned on the day of our launch. So I think it is best to stop here and say that really, So Much More as a campaign is geared towards rallying moms and dads to improve our daily and seemingly “normal” rituals like giving baby a bath by first thinking na hindi basta ligo ang ligo. I have added infographics for your reference, but more than that there are practical suggestions and applications that you may also find over here: https://www.johnsonsbaby.com/somuchmore.

I’ve always been fond of my bath times with Philip, though I thought it was primarily only for cleaning the baby. But now I find deeper understanding in this rather simple act. Like what I said at the launch, this new call to action by Johnson and Johnson may sound a bit scientific at the onset but doable and even so enjoyable and definitely affordable. Haplos lang ang puhunan, kasama ng mga produktong mapagkakatiwalaan, hindi ba? My wish is that the next time J&J makes a Global Report, our numbers would have increased much not because we were told to do so, but because we enjoyed doing so. Limited lang ang oras na mapapaliguan natin si baby, let’s make the most out of it!




Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Remember my maternity shoot? How about Philip’s newborn shoot? And of course, photos from his first birthday party? These were photos taken by Jamie Espadilla of Jamie and Baby. So far, she’s been with us in our journey as parents. She is also a dear friend who loves our family deeply and I am so grateful to God for her!


The other thing is that she loves my readers. So much that even when Valentine is over, she still wants to give some love away!


Jamie wants to bless someone with a 2-hr portrait session. It is up to our winner if he or she would like to use it for maternity, baby, or family shoot and you just have to follow very simple instructions in order to join the contest.

  1. Follow Jamie and Baby on Instagram: @jamieandbaby
  2. Like their page on FB: Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography
  3. Take a screenshot of those actions and for proof, attach to an email which tells me what you will use the portrait session for. Please contain to max of two sentences!
  4. Send email to ricaperalejo.ph@gmail.com with the subject: JAMIExRica

A few things about the prize: non-transferable and valid until May 31, 2015 only. :)

Hoping this somehow brightens up your day and may the person who really needs this, win!

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