Five Years and Pressing On

Thursday, January 29, 2015

We were walking down the steps in this resort when I suddenly had a flashback of when we first stayed in it together. Joseph and I were newly married, and we were carrying that brand new man and wife and honeymoon glow in this old resort my husband’s been going to for the last 20 years. It isn’t five-star quality, not even near three-stars, and yet we were so giddy.

Fast forward five years, and here we are with a baby on my hip. Same old resort, with small renovations here and there, and I say, “Oh how I miss those days when it was just the two of us…” which I quickly countered with, “But then I’ll probably say I miss those days when there’s just the three of us once the next baby comes along.” If there’s anything in life, it is that every season is precious.

A few weeks ago, Kris TV went to our home and Kris saw original copies of our vows pinned on the wall and she started reading Joseph’s. I couldn’t help being emotional and I was trying hard to hold back the tears because it wasn’t the point of our interview to get all mushy. It reminded me of how we once were and how much time has passed. It also showed me the value of vows, which is to more importantly do them as we go about life than to just say big words in a vacuum on your wedding day.

Then I realized how much my husband had stayed true to his promises; “I promise to be patient and kind, especially when I don’t feel like it. I promise not to snap at you or speak in harsh tones. And I promise to come clean and say sorry when I do. I promise to lead and guide, protect and provide. I promise nerve to be complacent in leading you and pursuing you….” It is try what I once read, love is more felt when the person does it at a time when he least feels like it. I don’t know how many time I’ve irritated and aggravated my husband, but it is that look on his face that tells me I am choosing to react not according to the flesh but by God’s spirit that confirms to me that he isn’t only the right one, but that I am one blessed woman.  Even the words I used to describe and honor my husband five years ago still stand truer than ever today, “…you lead by loving and not by forcing……you love before you correct, you love before you teach, you love before anything else that anything else you do we can be sure that love is the reason behind it…” If anything, my husband is not only consistently loving, but an incredibly faithful man.


Original photo from our wedding day, taken by Mr.Lito Sy!

I do not want to say this or say that about my own promises- that is left for my husband to assess. But there was one part there that has become truer since we’ve had Philip where I say, “The two of us who will start a family, will still be the two of us left when all the kids have gone to pursue their own purposes and make their own lives. Somewhere in between we will be successful and healthy and strong. We will also cry to each other, comfort and teach and forgive one another, until we become the old wrinkled professors who enjoy making papers in their spare time.

From the time since my son was born, we have not been one night away from him. It’ll be our first, when we celebrate and leave the baby with his Tata and Nana. Then, it will only be Joseph and Carla, no Papa and Mama. I am excited, as I am hungry for time to really just focus on the one and only lover in my life.

More than that it just made me think that someday, it’ll be like this all over again, where our kids are old and independent and hard to catch and perhaps Joe and I, too, for who knows if we might be moving one city to another for our spare time, if not checking papers and making more of our own.


I love it that Joe and I have this ability to look ahead and press forward while enjoying what we have today. We are grateful and we like staying in the moment, but never lose our excitement for things to come. We always have a feeling that no matter how great we have it today, it still is going to get better!

We’ve always known that people and things will come and go, and that includes Philip, coming and eventually leaving the nest for his own destiny in the Lord, but somehow we are never afraid of the changing seasons knowing that we will always be pressing on together. 

Of all the things I wrote in my vows I think I somehow look forward to this the most. Because as much as it is fun to be a mom, and much as I do not ever want to give Philip away to adulthood and marriage (haha), I also just can’t wait to show the world that Joe and I are the team that I am married to. That until death do us part, we still will choose each other, we still will take on adventures together, we still will be holding hands and sharing hearts with one another, and that it was right to vow to that because the vow is part of making it sure it happens. And that marriage lasts. That God, who chose the picture of a bride and the bridegroom to describe His relationship with the church, has an image to show for in my very own marriage with Joseph of what He wants us to have with Him- love that lasts, a love that never, ever, wants to break up!

Joe is my friend, he is the one the Lord picked for my soul to rest on while here on earth. He is my better half, the one I cannot and should not do without for all the rest of my life. And the more I know him, the more I lose myself in this, I find that marriage and fidelity and faithfulness are not constricting but such freeing truths. I thank the Lord that I am more of who I am and supposed to be today just because I continue to choose Joseph above all else after Him.

Gosh, five years ain’t easy, but keep at it and you’ll get better, that is what I learned. Better in every sense- in provision, efficiency, in team work, and even in joy. My prayer for our marriage is that God will continually bless us with His unconditional love, so that our love will always be sufficient for one another. :)



The Grand Baby Fair

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Baby company has been my partner since I became a mom! It’s been a year of regular stops at my favorite one-stop-shop. For someone who has never been through motherhood before, a shop as such can be quite comforting with lots of its staff waiting for and assisting you patiently. I don’t know how many questions I had asked inside of Baby Company already but there were surely many! From the best brand of diapers for overnight use to the advantages of having so and so kind of stroller, lahat nasagot naman nila, haha.

So anyway, here we are again, that time of the year where Baby Company holds THE GRAND BABY FAIR!!! A three day affair beginning January 30. See details in the poster but I invite you all to come! I will be there on Saturday, to talk about my own journey as a Mom Card Ambassador. Maybe you can drop by to see other guests, too, aside from the fact that there will be amazing deals! :)

Baby Co

For more info on the brand:

On September 1991, the infant’s accessories and furniture section in SM Department Store become a corporate entity under the name Nursery Care Corporation also known as “Baby Company”.

Primarily engaged in and carries on the business of trading all kinds of baby products. Since then, Baby Company has expanded and continues to open branches inside all SM Department Stores.  

Baby Company also open at stand-alone specialty stores in Rockwell Powerplant Mall in December 2000, SM Cebu Mall in November 2010 and SM Southmall in December of the same year, SM City North Edsa and The Block in September 2012, SM Aura in May 2013 and SM Fairview last July 2014.

We also ventured inside some of the SM Hypermaket Stores like Mall of Asia, Bicutan, Muntinlupa, Sucat, Las Pinas, Pasig Frontera, Mandaluyong, Taytay, Monumento, North EDSA-The Block, Fairview, Novaliches, Molino, Imus, Valenzuela, Marilao, Baliwag, Clark and Rosales. 

The company’s major thrust to provide our customers easy and convenient shopping for quality newborn and infant’s needs at reasonable prices. Baby Company offers a wide range of merchandise to match a newborn’s checklist – from nursing, feeding and weaning essentials, clothes, toys, diapers and toiletries, to furniture and carriers even educational media for the enhancement of the baby’s mental development. 

We ensure the needs of the busy and career parents by providing them a one-stop easy shopping destination. Baby Company as the parent’s partner in rearing healthy, active and happy babies, provides tried and tested brand names for all your baby needs. Baby Company, the baby specialist in infant feeding, caring, playing, sleeping and learning.

Strollers, carriers, playpens, cribs, feeding items, breast pumps, breastfeeding accessories, mother care line, baby linens, apparel, bath tubs, toiletries, diapers and diaper bags, infant toys. Play gyms and a lot more. 


(Media Partners: BC Magazines, Baby Mag, Smart Parenting and Working Mom. Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star, Yahoo Philippines and more.)


Think OrganIQ

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 was a year of beginnings for me. It was when I became a first time mother and also the year when I decided to define myself as a “writer.” Honestly, this whole blogging thing for me was really just like a “journal” in the beginning. I wanted to log in MASLs of mountains I’ve climbed and note down their characteristics. But perhaps the Lord had other plans, and people began to take notice that I have an ability to flow well as a writer. And so I have been commissioned to write for several magazines (and I have obliged myself to say yes to them), and even became an editor for some. One of which was for Think OrganIQ.


I think, by far, this has been the most involved I’ve been about publishing. Although I still did not have complete rights over everything, I was allowed an amount of authority and creative liberty I’ve never been able to exercise before! As a result, I have grown a lot as a writer, editor, “leader,” and of course, as a mother.

Like I said in the intro, one of the reasons that made me accept the job was that it would surely help me become more aware about the benefits of switching to an organic lifestyle, and the pitfalls of not choosing to do so. Truly, the experience has convinced me that organic is really the way to go. Pretty expensive lifestyle change, but worth it and I realized, to a certain degree even budget-able! (One of our articles tells you how to make it affordable!)

I am trying to blog without spoiling much of what is contained inside, but surely, I guarantee, that if you can grab a copy of this magazine, you will learn a lot. I am grateful that dear friends of mine lent their talents and wisdom in writing or agreeing to be featured in the articles. Donita Rose-Villarama and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared recipes for both adults and babies. Then I’ve got Monica Eleazar-Manzano and Martine de Luna, contributing their nuggets of health intelligence, as well. They all come from different places in life but are united in saying that health is wealth and turns out cheaper along the way if we spend on the right stuff today.

I wrote something fit for the new year- how to throw an organic holiday table, tips for what to do after all the Christmas pigging out, and a list of our top 10 online organic suppliers. :)

There are more articles inside that are written by no less than professional nutritionists and doctors themselves. Talking to moms about the benefits of lactose, how we can tell if it’s really organic, constipation problems with the children, and organic nutrition and why it is good for everyone. We also reserved boxes of “the science behind” each idea proposed by some of our contributors. We want moms to make good decisions based on good information.

The best part about this magazine is that it is free! Well, you might have had a copy yourself already if you’ve been to the pedia recently and they handed you a copy. But if not, then you can always just call Belrose Bundle of Joy to know how to get your FREE copy it at 317-7777 or 09175503158. Isn’t that cool? :)

For more information and continuous updates, you can also visit the Think OrganIQ Facebook Page and like them to regularly see them on your feed.

I am really excited for you to grab a hold of this magazine, but more than that, I am excited to be growing into a new and healthy lifestyle with all the rest of the moms and wives out there. If we wanna give our families the best, then we owe them the information we need to make it true in every part of our home life.

So to all of us, may we have a happy and organIQally successful 2015!!!

A Universe Within Reach

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I’m not the artsy fartsy kind of girl. When you ask me the difference between a Monet and a Rembrandt, I’d say their names, obviously. Haha!

Yet every once in a while I discover pieces here and there that speak to me, regardless of the creator behind it. Perhaps I haven’t been one too keen on names of the greats in the world of sculptures and paintings because I’ve always been surrounded by women with amazing artistic skill and creativity.

My two nieces graduated, with honors mind you, from the Fine Arts program of the University of the Philippines. One of them continued to be an artist through and through, and has had several shows and exhibits of her own already. Her last being the one we visited last week.


Pocket Universe, Veronica Pee calls it, is this:

My drawings and sculptures are essentially inspired from microscopic images of parasites, cells, and other minuscule details found in our surroundings. I find interest in them because we often look at them simply as scientific truths, but to me these are incomprehensible abstract images that are strangely beautiful left ingrained in our subconscious as references to a whole subject of endless curiosities.

It is a different perspective, a way of seeking ideas from looking within. Seeing the world through its specks, and get overwhelmed to realize that these are pocket universe of limitless understandings connected to how we see the visible world. It is seeing the world in reverse, and as we derive experience looking in at them, we become the speck drawn to its own realm of imaginary landscapes of intrinsic knowledge.

Okay, parang medyo too deep for me. But, haha, I get her point. Nag-hang lang ako ng konti kasi masyado yata akong logical. Nevertheless, when I look at the works of Veronica Pee, I really am awed at her ability to express the way our world’s awed her. And her ability to translate that which her mind sees, is really a true artist’s skill. Moreover, napapaisip talaga ako kung paano niya nagagawa yung microscopic details ng pieces niya. Grabe, ang galing at ang tiyaga!






Wondering what these are? They are oven-bake polymer clay on eggshells. “Parang na mental block na ko with the drawings, I just had to do something else. I remembered having a collection of eggshells, tapos yun i started working on it – naging ibang way ng pag-exhaust nung idea. It was a last minute addition but it came out stronger pa than the drawings.” There are a total of 112 egg pieces, and two ostrich egg shells. 



Philip with my niece and featured artist, Veronica Pee.
Asked about her favorite of her works, “All my drawings – I never thought I could draw well (my 4 years in FA I was never convinced!) because my basis for a good drawing was a good FIGURE drawing – which I was never good at. After college lumawak yung interests ko, and I started to notice details more – texture, texture, TEXTURE!! This show was also like an exploration for me, what my strenghts are (in art) and kung anong best medium to present an idea.”
“I did drawings because I wanted it to look like natural illustrations, like from old science books but more refined (more blending, less hatching). Yung sculptures naman parang artifact ang dating.”

Her works will still be displayed at artinformal (277 Connecticut St. Greenhills East Mandaluyong, Philippines) until the 14th of February. Do visit, if interested. And should you find this post a day too late then no fear, you may email Veronica directly at :)



Why wail?

Monday, January 26, 2015

A lot of people tell me that Philip is a good and calm baby, and he really is. But no matter how good a child is, he still has his sour moments.

I particularly dread being in the car for long hours with him. Why? Because he dislikes the car seat. He hates being strapped on to it and usually wails and wails out of his misery. And that hurts my ears, you know.

Last weekend we had a lot of time in the car, moving from Manila to Los Banos to Caliraya, and then to Tagaytay and back home. You are thinking right if we encountered Mr.Philip’s car seat fits again, and at one point I just gave up in trying to talk him out of it. I had to let him cry and endure it until we arrive at the destination.

We are waiting for papa as he checks out! #mamawonders #mamawanders

A photo posted by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio ( on

In one of those wailing moments I realized how misused Philip’s energies are. I mean, I know it can get pretty boring to be in a car seat for three hours. Not even a nice story book pillow or a colorful toy and yummy cookies will have an effect that can last as long as the excruciating down time you have in being strapped onto your seat. But then if you have nothing to do, why wail? Why cry and stress yourself out instead of just being bored?

Then I realized another thing. This probably looks like us when we are in a season of life wherein we feel like we are “strapped onto a car seat” and unable to do anything more than waiting for this terrible period is over. And perhaps like Philip, who cannot fully comprehend everything that happens to the world just about yet, it is especially bothering to us when we don’t have a clue about when this whole suffering will end. But I gotta ask myself, too, why wail? Why whine? Why waste my energies instead of just staying still in hope for better days to come?

God probably finds it amusing when I can’t understand Philip. Perhaps He’s thinking, “That’s how you are most of the time with me, too.” :) Hate to admit it, but that’s right. I usually wail instead of sitting patiently and quietly by the feet  of the Lord. I usually make things more miserable by choosing to be miserable about my misery. Oh, aren’t we all such babies  in moments when it is best to have faith in God? :)

Have a great week ahead of you!

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