Mrs. Bo

Mrs. Bo

Power of Two

February 5, 2016, 7 Comments
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When I was trying to make sense out of all that happened last year, I realized that 2015 was one of unchartered territories for me. I was pushed to try things I have never done before and to be completely honest, some of them brought a lot of challenges that

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Lines and Days Update!

February 4, 2016, 3 Comments

I felt it was about time to write an update about my 2015 project of creating a unique journal for busy people. Lines and Day launched last year and as I write this, there is only a handful left with me and some at The


How-to-Love: Love Differently

February 1, 2016, 5 Comments

For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? (Matthew 5:46) READ Matthew 5:43-47 REFLECT LOVE DIFFERENTLY “Love your enemy” is a popular Biblical tenet yet rarely followed. Not surprising though, as

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Plus and Minus of Marriage

January 29, 2016, 12 Comments

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. There are no big plans for today, since we already had an advanced celebration last week. Our schedule is pretty normal today, which is to work respectively and meet each other at the end of our “office hours” and

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Philip’s 2nd Birthday!

January 27, 2016, 19 Comments

Every milestone in our life I also consider a testimony. Just recently, my son turned two. How quickly time flies! It feels like I only blinked and suddenly we are all sleeping through the night and all the pains from childbirth and nursing have healed

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Beautiful in His Time

January 26, 2016, 17 Comments

Speaking of a new song in my mouth (which you can find by looking at my post yesterday), I have decided to share the testimony of someone I had met through work and eventually became a sister in Christ.  It was on my show Umagang